India Design ID 2014 : Designers and Brands to watch!

In their second edition, India Design ID brought together leading product designers and Interior brands and stores to Delhi. The exhibition got over on 16th February, but I brought back these plethora of pictures and inspiration. So, if you love anything click on the title to reach the said designer/brand directly!  So all that I loved is right here, starting with what I wished I could bring home the most! And Warning : Long picture heavy post ahead! 


The kind of statement that you can create in a Roksanda Ilincic garment is close to what having an Ajji product (especially the dot pictured here) could do to your home. Saying that it is a wall hung seating is under selling it. It will be the focus in a room, it will be like placing the sun on a wall, a visual dot so strong it could evoke thoughts and definitely start conversations. It is an art work in the sense of it feels like Kazimir Malevich’s black circle has become the red dot instead. I wish I could have it, like seriously !  

the dot ajji studio lekha washington india design 2014

Anupamma Home by Anupama Dayal

She just launched her home collection at India Design 2014. So, the collection is not yet up for sale online or in stores but it definitely has the soul of her clothing label Anupamma showing through. The hand printed bedsheets, quilts, the fabric flowers on cushion covers and the air of a resort holiday, all made it appealing and covetable to me.  


Sahil and Sarthak 

Honestly, I am a little partial to this designer duo. You will be too, if you read this. The first chair pictured here is the Jag chair, an expansion of their Katran collection. “Katran” in hindi refers to left over cloth pieces (say from the garment industry) and they are woven to create these pieces. The milk can lights are inspired from obviously the milk cans in which your local ‘doodhwala’ (milk man) brings you milk. The pin tuck lamp below it, is inspired form the folds of a fabric, but the top pendant is a vintage brass glass (like the one’s our grandmother’s had) where the design process started from. And then there is the choori (bangle) lamp.Your mom’s glass bangles that she hung in a cloth hanger can be a gorgeous lamp, who thought right? Well, Sahil and Sarthak did! 


milk can lamp sahil sarthak india design 2014


sahil and sarthak choori bangle lamp india design 2014 (1)

sahil and sarthak choori bangle lamp india design 2014 (2)


It is a happy colorful home decor brand which started back in 2007. They have apparently opened up a new store in Meherchand Market( I love that place, you’ve been there?). The prints, the quirky products all make for a great buy if you are looking to add a piece of interest to a space. I loved the Home door mat :)

india design 2014 nur home meherchand market  (2) india design 2014 nur home meherchand market  (1)

The Pure Concept

The washed out pastel colors, ombre fabrics formed the subtle centre stage for me. They seemed at par with international trends and I was happy to see the side table with color block legs. I have used the same concept in a console table in my home, after finding the inspiration on pinterest. 

india design 2014 the pure concept  (2)

india design 2014 the pure concept  (3)

india design 2014 the pure concept  (1)

Address Home

Among the many things, I admired these pots with their jagged metal pieces – so disturbing on the eye in a curiously pleasing way. And then, if I wasn’t in love enough with plates on the wall, they had teapots on the wall as well. Then the deep teal color on their walls makes me want to paint my white walls. Seriously what was I even thinking giving up color! And then there are the light bulbs on the ceiling. I want to order that complete corner! 

india design 2014 address home

adress home india design 2014

Nilaya by Asian paints

They asked us to re-imagine walls here by introducing great wall surfaces, decals and paintable wallpapers!!  And while you can see the interesting bird wallpaper at the back (two layers, with the birds cut-out on top) I could not take my eyes off this horse installation piercing through the cardboard walls. I wish I had an intellectual comment on it, but all I got is “how cool right?” :P And BTW the samples/catalogs can be requested at, just in case you wanted to know! 

india design 2014 asian paints nilaya

Iqrup + Ritz

Curious name right? It was started by a mother daughter duo and maybe that is the reason that this chair feels like it belongs to two eras. It is mature but so attractive to me as a 20 something as well. What’s your take?

iqrup ritz ritika dhamija india design 2014

Klove Studio and Apartment 9

Seriously guys, Gautam Seth and Prateek Jain are THE lighting designers of the country. After India Design 2014, I saw their work at the Be Open exhibition as well and truly they are magnificent. I couldn’t capture the larger-than-life dimensions of these lights in the pictures so well.. for this one I wish you were there. And yes, I also couldn’t capture The Charcoal Project’s skull and rose knobs. They were THE shit, trust me! 

india design 2014 klove studio luxury lights gautam seth and  prateek jain (1)

india design 2014 klove studio luxury lights gautam seth and  prateek jain  apartment 9

Mudra by Pepper Fry

I have never shopped at this website, so if you have you can share your experience. What I loved though is the styling – how well brass, wood, beige colored ceramics and salmon pink go together ! This can be a great wedding diner theme actually. 

india design 2014 pepperfry

Fluid by M:OFA studio 

Firstly, Delhi is not a place where you would find installations like these easily. Spaces where you can sit and feel something. It was created with 1200 wood crates (mostly  waste and re-purposed) and 1100 human hours. And you could just sit on the fluid seats, eat candy (they kept it in jars) or read comics kept in crevices or just look and think. To explain why it was created, I should quote them “An experiential pavilion based on the idea of the “fluid” thoughts that are generated in our heads when we were kids. This pavilion is a reminder of those simpler times, where the kids looked at the world beyond a 4 inch by 3 inch display screen in their hands” For this one as well, I wish you were there, pictures can only show you so much.

fluid by mofa studio delhi installation  india design 2014 (2)

fluid by mofa studio delhi installation  india design 2014 (1)
fluid by mofa studio delhi installation  india design 2014 (3)

So, that brings this post to a close. I must mention that a whole pavilion at the India Design ID 2014 depicted Color trends for 2014 by Asian Paints as well. That would take up a whole new post if I wanted. But in case you are curious, my favorite theme was where interior spaces were done up in colors of the food. If you absolutely need to know the trends, feel free to email me.

For now, share your thoughts on the post? Your comments mean so much!

Until next time! Ciao!


  1. Great post! You should def paint your white walls; I just did mine fairly recently – a dark charcoal!
    Absolutely love Nur, Sahil & Sarthak (a friend in Singapore has a choori lamp), Iqrup+Ritz (I used to buy the most fabulous cotton upholstery fabric from Iqrup years & years ago).

    Where is Address Home located in Delhi?

    I find the stuff at Marina Home pretty decent as well; I got a large white bureau from them late last year to go against the grey of the walls, rather funky! [let me know what you think?

    • Thank you Aradhana ! I checked out your post and wow that wall looks amazing. The interiors are so well done and the dresses was breathtaking <3

      Address home is in GK-I and Huaz Khas as well.

      I have never checked out Marina Home though, where is it located?

      • Thank you! :D
        Isn’t the dresser absolutely delicious?! Marina Home is on M.G.Road.. huge-ish building where all the home finishing stores are (Sarita Handa / Oma / etc).


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