Happy Birthday Blog + Giveaway! :D

Guys! The Creative Bent has turned one today!! *does crazy-lady dance*

And I have a giveaway for you guys to celebrate! Yayyy!!!



So, its time already! Exactly a year ago, on this very date the first post of The Creative Bent was published and honestly I just can’t believe it has been that long! Today, incidentally, this is also the 50th post on the blog!!

It still feels like there is so much to do, so much to learn, so much to achieve, but as I look back in prospect I know I am thankful for all the love, support and recognition I have gotten so far from all of you readers. This blog is far from perfect but still, you have continued to come back. You have kept me motivated to keep the content meaningful and to do more than I would have ever imagined myself capable of. 

So as a small token of thanks I am hosting the first ever giveaway on this blog! And even though it is not an International giveaway (hopefully some day soon), I love both my Indian and International readers. 

january.Rose X TCB Giveaway!

I talked about january.Rose , the fairly new and awesome designer leather accessories store in Delhi a short while ago. If you still haven’t read their interview, well I would like to recommend it to you.

So the good folks at january.Rose have decided to give away this gorgeous leather sling bag below. It is inspired from the shape of a camera but aesthetically it is chirpy and feminine. It can be a great statement accessory to go with your outfits. So why don’t you give the giveaway a shot?

january rose

How to enter

Just 3 steps and you are done. Give a quirky caption to the bag and like both january.Rose and The Creative Bent on facebook !

Last date and results

The giveaway ends on 22nd January 12:00 am IST. The winner will be picked randomly via rafflecopter and I will contact the winner via email within 24 hours. Please reply back within 48 hours to claim the prize. If there is no reply, a new winner will be chosen. I will announce  the winner over facebook + in the next post on the blog after 22nd.

Who can enter

The giveaway is open to everyone residing currently in India. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

6 things I have learnt in one year of blogging

So just to end this post right, here is my small list. maybe it will help you or maybe you would like to add something to it. Feel free! And just so you know, I have been blogging professionally as well so the lessons are overlapping.

# 1 Editorial calender is a must. I still have to set it up for TCB but on other blogs I work for, it has worked wonders in terms of search traffic. As a small or medium sized blog you may need to post about an event days before the big shots of internet do. Google trends is great tool to know what to post, when to post and which keywords can you fare better at.

# 2 Be a jack of all trades, actually master of all trades. At least be on the path of mastering. Your research, writing skills, social media skills, photography, photoshop, SEO, technical skills(read plugins, coding, techno jargon), sartorial skills, time management, discipline etc all need to be polished. I am still suck at some and working on them, but I realize the importance.

# 3 If you are only looking for spiking your number of followers when you go on a commenting spree, well feel free to leave “follow me follow you” comments. But if you are looking for quality readers who engage, always be a quality reader yourself and leave thoughtful comments.

# 4 Have a niche, it works better. But if you blog on various topics, still have a distinct voice. Make a checklist if you can, to make sure that each post of yours meets the criteria you have set for your blog. Also, look back at previous posts to see if it makes sense now. You would realize the mistakes looking back. Content truly matters.

# 5 Carry on. Even if you are unable to post for a while, though that is a sad thing… carry on blogging. Perseverance is what sees you through.

# 6 Blogging does have its perks. Events, exposure, free gifts, free food and what not. It is so easy to get sucked into that black hole when the PR’s email arrives. I have been there too and I have learnt to restrain.Say no to what is not relevant to you, don’t promise what you can’t deliver and be true to the motto of your blog. If the readers go, you have nothing. 




  1. Congratulations and happy birthday! Your blog shows so much perspective and structure, I can’t believe it’s only a year old. You have so very much to be proud of. Thank you for keeping it up and putting the work into it that you do! :D

  2. Wow…. That’s a quirky stuff.. I loved it… Fingers crossed!
    Happy First Birthday !!
    I just discovered your blog….hope to see more in future!!

  3. OOH !! I just lurvvvvee the Bag, hence couldn’t resist entering. always wanted something like this . Fingers crossed . Hope I break through the jinx of never winning ever!!
    Happy First Birthday ! I mentally always made note of all these things, n have started implementing them too. Saying No is what bloggers really need to learn, well what to say, I am happy that at least I have ! Hope ur blog grows n so does u. Lots of love n virtual hugs ! Lets bump into each other again, n then I ‘ll get u to treat me for turning 1. lol…

    • Oh you love it so much :) I am glad! And yes fingers crossed here as well for you!

      Saying no is a hard thing though, I will have to admit :)

      And haha! Surely the next time we bump, treat is on me :) But we can meet up as well! But thank you so much for all your wishes…

  4. I can’t participate in the giveaway! :(

    But nonetheless I love your list of learnt stuff! I can say almost exactly the same if I were to make one up as well. Number 5 holds especially true for me. The whole ideal of a consistent, scheduled, and maintained posts are a dream if you don’t try to fit your blog into your crazy daily life and have monk-like perseverance. But I don’t plan on quitting and hopefully the good stuff will start to come :D

    Anyway, happy birthday TCB! Long may you prosper!

    The Dilly Chic

    • Yeah! I am so sorry you can’t :( I really want to host an International giveaway too.. but only something that would be worth giving away :) So that’s why I am waiting to find something awesome!

      And thank you for your wishes Nadya! And yes, I know inside of me that you are not going anywhere…. and that I can keep coming back to your blog to read awesome stuff! And since you have re-vamped it.. I love it even better!


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