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If you are blogging in fashion and haven’t visited Independent Fashion Bloggers‘ website, well you are definitely losing out on such an valuable resource. But why I mention them today? Because I have some news. I was featured in their weekly round-up Links à la Mode for the first time!

Below are the 20 posts featured, the crème de la crème this week. And I completely suggest taking some time out to read them! You wouldn’t regret it one bit. It’s on my weekly reading list as well (a busy week at that, Wills India Fashion Week is just round the corner folks) So until I put together my next post, here this goes! 



This week in fashion has been bittersweet. First we lost a very talented woman, L’Wren Scott. Then the end of a particularly brutal Winter, Spring has officially begun. It’s the changing of the guard, endings and beginnings, reminding us that nothing is forever. We have several links that challenge both old ideas (racism, sexism, both) and how to bring in the new (setting our Spring budget, getting to the gym, improving our diets) and even a nicely written post sympathizing with Fashion Blogger’s significant others — they have it so hard putting up with us!

Links à la Mode: March 20th

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  1. So cool! I just recommended your blog the other day — you bring such intelligence, creativity, fearlessness and heart to your blog, I hope EVERYONE reads it!

  2. A overwhelming proud feeling to see your mark on global scenario , its really amazing to see u racing with the goliaths ( coz they are big in terms of age …) and making a statement strong , no one cud ignore…. :D

    Happy SPRING SUMMER :)


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