Don’t date a girl who blogs


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Over the past month I have come across various versions of this – Don’t date a girl who travels, don’t date a girl who reads, don’t date a girl who teaches….. There were also counter articles written for the same, all over the cyberspace. Then I have come across Dating a designer : 10 things you need to know, 20 reasons why you should date a geek.. so on and so forth. But I haven’t really come across a lot related to blogging and especially fashion bloggers. So I thought to myself – let’s put it out there ! 

So, today’s post is for all the women who blog. And the next post, to be up in 2 days, will be specifically for the fashion blogger. So, if you are up for it, watch out for “Don’t Date a fashion blogger because…” as well. But first…


Don’t date a girl who blogs because she won’t accept your sometimes insincere, “wow that’s awesome”

Either she is used to longer and more meaningful comments than that on her work (anything from an outfit to a groundbreaking idea) from her virtual friends and readers or even complete strangers at times. Or maybe she gets too many of those “Oh I love you and your blog, it’s awesome” comments where words like love and awesome are thrown at every blog and more often than not it is a Copy and paste statement used in a weekly comment spree. Either ways, your reaction has got to be more than that as her boyfriend. She will push your boundaries and make you think and express, make you have an actual opinion and everyone knows that journey can be uncomfortable at best. But, if you don’t have or want to have an opinion on something, you can say that too. Bloggers are used to both negative and positive feedback.  


Don’t date a girl who blogs because she has passion.

If she chooses to take out time to blog (which of course pays her nothing right now) even after her grilling and sucking-all-life-out-of-you full time job, you damn well know that she has a PASSION for it. And if she is lucky and blogging for a living, know that she has worked hard for it and took a huge “risk”  by following her passions. In fact in a lot of cases even choosing passion over finances, inwardly satisfaction of loving what you do over outwardly approval of doing what is expected of you. And the problem with passionate (and often times dreamy) people is, they don’t understand people who don’t have a passion of their own. So only apply if you are insanely passionate about something as well.


Don’t date a girl who blogs because she has a voice.

She could be talking about social problems or the entertainment industry or personal life or dating tips or travel or technology or spiritual guidance or health or fashion or design – it could be any  area but the bottom line is she has an opinion that needs to be put out there, that needs to be heard. That opinion will not always be voiced in terms of written or spoken word ( some fashion bloggers choose to express it only through their choice of outfits) but be assured that the opinion is always there. She has a mind and it works. But not all partners can handle that.


Don’t date a girl who blogs because she will mix the virtual with the “real”.

The notion of “how can you trust someone on the internet” is broken everyday for her. She has met great people who share her interests, who understand her, appreciate and even correct and guide her, through the internet. And she reciprocates it too. So, she may have these virtual friends all over the world which affect and shape her life in a real way. So, it really comes down to her instinct – she might remain cautious or might also believe in people she has never met. So your caring boyfriend guidelines over necessary “stranger-phobia” may not make a lot of sense to her in all or most situations.


Don’t date a girl who blogs because she’s hooked to social media

Half of her life (or even more) is online. So she tweets, instagrams, posts and checks-in on facebook, pins on pinterest, tumbles and stumbles and those are just the networks you’ve heard about. There could be and actually are more that she is on. She has her phone or tablet always handy, and hence it might get bothersome when she has to reply to a tweet before replying to you sitting in front of her. Not all of us are THAT hooked, but it can happen to all of us once in a while. Or more… 


Don’t date a girl who blogs because you may not be her number one priority, instead it will be her passion. Don’t date a girl who blogs because she may not always be free to meet up, she does have a lot on her plate. But that gives or rather forces upon you a chance to fill up your plate as well. Don’t date a girl who blogs because listening to her lingo dropping like bounce rate, organic traffic, keyword density etc. when she talks about work and her hashtag fascination may irk you. Don’t date a girl who blogs because she is opinionated and changing them will always need good counter arguments.

Don’t date a girl who blogs because she will often loose balance between the different spheres of her life. She might change quickly and adapt fast. She has even gotten used to eating on her own, in front of her laptop. She is the one who takes her tiny blog seriously because it’s hers. She is the one who dreams of making a mark or even bringing about a change, big or small, someday. She may be broke with all the dreaming but something as little as a good comment keeps her going on. So don’t date her unless you get her; and if you don’t get her, at least you have it in you to let her be. 


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