Chopped : Of Pixies and Evening gowns

There is something about women with short hair in evening gowns… pixies more than anything. It was hard not to give-in to this fascination! 

short hair pixie and black evening gown india (4)

short hair pixie and black evening gown india (1)

short hair pixie and black evening gown india (2)

short hair pixie and black evening gown india (3)

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.

– Coco Chanel

The more I read this quote and think about it, the truer it becomes. So I have chopped the tresses again, the shortest ever for myself. And believe me, cutting your hair somehow changes a part of who you are…..inside. But more than my asymmetric pixie, this post is about how a very feminine clothing item like an evening gown looks kick-ass on an androgynous haircut.

One of my childhood best friend is getting married tomorrow (yes Valentine’s Day!) and for one of the ceremonies I dove in on the opportunity of wearing an evening gown for the first time ever. Black gown, red lipstick and chopped hair. Could it get more red carpet?My inspiration? There is a list (picture below)!

I have been long fascinated with the fact that each time a celebrity goes super short it is breaking news. It potentially changes the course of your career (Think Miley) or asserts your confidence and fierceness. It gives you a taste of power that can only come by beating a stereotype, by going wild.

But this post could have been about a pixie and power shoulders and le smoking as well… after all, the moment a woman puts on a suit instead of her dress it is seen as power. This deep ingrained psychology equates power with men and the garments which were traditionally worn by men. But this post isn’t about that. It is about breaking gender boundaries, it is about being two things at once, being at two places at once (Thank you Einstein!) It is about creating a no man’s land and owning it, because taking sides somehow restricts and staying on the border sets you free. 


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  1. Wow funny I’m getting a weave installed that will be cut short. I miss having my hair short and straight this is just one more sign for me! You look amazing with short hair. I think the first time I came to this blog you had gotten the bob and we talked about hair. It’s crazy how a short cut gets so much attention and it’s amazing how many of us equate being safe and content with long hair and then we all of sudden feel like we need to cut it off when we want a new change. I know I certainly felt that way when i cut mine. I was terrified but in the end I’d surely cut it again if I wasn’t natural right now. It took me such a long time to grow it out and right now I’ve seriously have a goal to reach when it comes to this hair!

    Now this dress ma’am, you are killing it. I love the detail in the back and i love that it sweeps the floor. You look amazing!

    • Yes.. I remember I newly had a bob back then.. :) You have a great memory… Umm… please excuse my ignorance but what’s a weave :/ The context I understand it in.. doesn’t fit here.

      And you understand it so well that how long equals comfort and hence going short is breaking away from your comfort zone and changing. Also, I might grow mine out long some time in the future, and it is going to be a long process of course… so If I were you, I would be in love with them as much. You’ve put in the hard work and waiting so it understandable that you won’t go short anytime soon! And thank you so much for your sweet compliments, and taking out time!! :)

  2. As always, you’re a woman after my own heart! I am equally fascinated with the underlying meaning in a style choice like short hair. It can be an unspoken message that says “I want to make a bold, unmistakeable choice for my style” or it can be a message that says “I have no need for ornamentation.” It can be a statement of glamour or of utility, confidence or modesty. It’s all wrapped up in the woman herself! And how we read her message depends on so many factors, like her attitude and her clothes, not to mention the culture she comes from.

    Perhaps to me, the most alluring thing about very short hair on a woman is a phrase that my husband often quotes, how when a woman takes on an attribute that is traditionally coded as male, it can actually “highlight that which is most feminine.” The juxtaposition of traditional female beauty with the modern and non-traditional haircut can indeed, as you allude to, make the feminine aspects of a woman stand out even more. You encapsulate this concept so gorgeously and perfectly with the evening gown! It creates a slight tension between the two aspects that makes it even more delightful to the senses, like adding just the tiniest bit of salt to something sweet.

    And I must say, you look absolutely breathtaking. Your beauty truly shines in the midst of all these aspects. I hope your friend’s wedding was wonderful. :)

    • Oh yes, it depends on so many factors right. Thanks for pointing out culture as well. Now that you say it, I realize it as well.

      And MC has put it sooo well in words. I agree to that wholly. I used to believe that a pixie can only look good on a traditionally beautiful girl – lovely features, speaking eyes… the drill you know. And all the short hair women I came across (including yourself) went on to deepen my belief. So honestly, I was apprehensive about it at first. But the pixie had made my own feminine aspects become noticeable to own self. I am so pleased with results. So yes,I agree .

      And BTW you are a master with your words. You write so well! Your comments always make me smile :) Thanks a whole bunch for reading my blog… seriously! And yes, the wedding was great :)

  3. Always a fan…you always know how to express ideas in the best possible way…..n yes you look fab…..i hope u remember me…lol….its been so long..right.. ;-)


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