13 Stylish Men from Wills India Fashion Week A/W14 + Fashion tips

Are Indian men really stylish and fashionable? Are they outgoing and having fun with their clothes and accessories? Well, majorly no. Most of them are still conservative when it comes to dressing and you would not need to be a rocket scientist to know that. But this set of men at Wills India Fashion Week A/W 14 can make you believe otherwise. At least, you will know that there are sartorial eye candies in this part of the world as well, just few and far between is all. 


Now, how am I even talking about Men’s Fashion and style tips you wonder… In my defense it was bound to happen. Remember my first post on this blog talked about gender neutrality? I have always been drawn to that. Secondly, since well dressed men are harder to come by than women, it was way more interesting to capture them. And third, not many other people around are doing this. So, do let me know my dear readers whether you liked my slight deviation and if you would be excited about more posts like these sometime in the future… like give an honest opinion! 

Details to notice / Fashion and Style Tips for Men

• Men can carry hand bags (murses?). It’s only practical now.

• You were uncomfortable wearing that scarf? Hell I got men wearing statement necklaces and totally rocking it!

• Put on some good shoes, be it loafers, oxfords, boots, sneakers or even well-made sandals or chappals..BUT put your best foot forward. And this one, I assume should be comparatively easy because I have come to notice that men generally love shoes.

• Don’t be scared of prints. And by prints I do not mean stripes and checks. Open that style window, look outside and you will find chevron, tribal motifs, paisleys, polka dots…there are copious possibilities.

• Invest in kurtas or even dhotis and wear these traditionally ‘Indian’ garments with something more ‘western’ like jeans, pants, shirts or blazers and you have your very own cool-desi look.

 • Fold those pants neatly and let your beautiful statement socks show. I love this little detail so much <3

• Don’t forget your confidence and humility. It’s nice to be nice :)







Yes, technically there are 14 men here, but the last one was a “together picture”. So, forgive me for misleading you! :P And in the last picture, don’t forget to notice the skull bow tie on the guy on the left. So, hereby I end my first post on men’s fashion in India, a flamboyant one at that, so leave your thoughts below. 

 P.s. Thank you to all the guys above who were more than happy to be clicked. If you ever come across this page and want your picture tagged or credited with your name (and facebook link perhaps?) I would be more than happy to do so. Contact me! 


  1. And i am OMG !! o.O

    first of all really thank u , for giving us the insight of the WIFW ,
    but the expression of these men, of the fashion statement they made , is captured by you in an amazing florid way .
    Also so glad men are now going out of the box to put that statement straight out loud or toned down to preferences , but any which way its a boon for style and a leap for menswear ,
    Thanx again for inspiring with the looks , definitely going to try out some of the styling details.
    keep inspiring :D


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