10 Problems with dating a Fashion Blogger

10 problems of dating a fashion bloggerPhoto Source 

There are some obvious perks to dating a fashion blogger but what are the downsides you wonder? Some may even be skeptical of there being any at all. Not true. So well, apart from the ones I mentioned in my last post “Don’t date a girl who blogs” here is my semi- humorous list of problems that one can face dating a fashion blogger.


# 1 You will get embarrassed walking with her: When you are in your good boy jeans and gentleman shirt and she is in an eyebrow raising color or a crazy printed tee  (read Diesel Boob tee), things are bound to get uncomfortable for you in public. And as a clan, we are known to dress up different than everyone else, even if not every time – every once in a while. But inevitably, that day would come. And just so you know, we don’t do it on purpose, we actually believe that thing we are wearing is friggin awesome. No one has to agree though.


#2 You will become her free photographer : Unless she has the money to hire a professional photographer for her OOTDs (outfit of the day duh!) or carries the tripod to all her locations or has a photographer friend for favors – YOU are most likely to be tricked and coerced into clicking the pictures for her for free. Happens all the time in the blogosphere.  And mind you, for every 10 published pictures on the blog, there are a 100 which don’t make the cut. Maybe more. On the upside, you will pick up a new skill and as her photographer, you can get to go to events with her with free food and booze if you are lucky.


#3 You will have a hard time getting her a present : Figuring out what a fashion blogger wants is like figuring out what a typical girl wants leveled up to 50. She is quite choosy and either she has a long list of things that don’t fit in a sane budget or she is plain bewildered because there is so much to choose from. And it certainly doesn’t help that if she likes you, she gets you the most kick-ass presents out there. She has a taste and definitely a lot of experience in shopping – online and offline. So matching up to that, not easy, trust me you.


#4 She is probably a spender : All the aforementioned shopping experience, well it does come from shopping what else. Most of us would admit to being indulged in consumerism (can include ethical & sustainable shopping too though) and it is not just the clothes and accessories. The fashion blogger spends on lifestyle too – from her Starbucks coffee to a Marc Jacobs iphone case. Again, exceptions are always there and I see a lot of fashion bloggers applying shopping bans on themselves for a couple of months on an end. The world has hope.


#5 Whaaat you don’t edit your pictures? She will mostly cringe on all the unedited selfies you upload to facebook with the same angle, same expression, just different clothes, backdrop (optional) and time. She just doesn’t get it. So, don’t even think about uploading a picture together that is raw. Yes, your photo habits may fall under scrutiny  because she makes money (or technically should) with her image online, so she edits all of them and makes sure they are good. Even the candid ones don’t make it to the internet without a filter ( post instragram, what does right? ). Of course you can do whatever you want, it’s a free country and she can’t (and shouldn’t) stop you. But if you want to in fact use this one to your advantage and need any lessons in image management or even visual presentation (can even include your CV) she can help you make those powerful first impressions.


#6 She can and she WILL steal your clothes : Girls don’t have anything to wear, fashion bloggers NEVER EVER have anything to wear, the size of their closet not withstanding. She will raid your closet and it is officially cool to be seen in boyfriend jeans, oversized t-shirts , shirts and even blazers. She can lend to (steal) herself even a bowtie, or tie or hat or sunglasses or watch…. the possibilities are endless you know. So that explains your magically dwindling closet.


#7 She is a workaholic: Oh, so you thought fashion doesn’t take any work. She is just shopping, attending events and fashion shows and having fun? Mention that to her and you can be sure to have an hour long “discussion” about it. And she will win. Because the dream of being the next “It” thing has no concept of hours or day and night. She is chasing it and all that erratic schedule can and does take a toll even on your togetherness. #JustSaying


#8 Your style stands a chance to be altered : Some basic sense of style is just expected without saying. But beyond that, she might just get you a salmon polo shirt (No honey, it’s not pink, trust me) Or even conversations like “Oh please baby try on that paisley bow tie or the checkered suspenders/ Oh sweetie you will look lovely with that cravat inside your coat” may not be so far away. Our minds are infected with street style pictures of fashionable couples, and secretly we want to be them. So hypocritical that we don’t like to be told what to wear, but will “suggest” things to you. Sad but sometimes true.


#9 She is a geek : And your expression right now is like “Whaaaaat???” She is a fashion geek that is, yes that’s possible. The same way you know your video games or favorite sports team or anything else that you are a “geek” at… she knows her designers, brands, their 2/4 times a year collections, consumer buying trends, colors, styles, other blogs etc. etc. She can get really caught up in them and her conversations, if she is open with you enough, will definitely steer towards the likes of “From neons then to pastels now, don’t we all just feel drawn to opposites once we are saturated with one thing, it’s so cyclic right and the logic applies everywhere../ do you think online retail spaces will take over the physical retail space or is the future an amalgamation of digital and physical? / If I put on this business suit, is it deeper than just clothing? Am I actually giving a nod to the notion that you have to be a man to be taken seriously / Did Mary Katrantzou just become successful in taking prints to the next level, the surface textures looked like digital  prints, only there wasn’t any printing OMG”


#10 Intimidating to approach : Now this is one of the first hurdles that you would have to cross to actually get to all of the problems I mentioned above in the first place. So yeah, something about the aura around her or the way she carries herself that mostly makes a fashion blogger not so easy to approach. Period.


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  1. Totally agree with #8! My “suggestions” have been shush-ed away, because I’m not technically a pure fashion blogger, but hey – I won’t stop trying ;) Case in point: just the other day I tried to get my husband to buy a pair of cool grey sneakers (the type you get at Aldo, not Nike!) to pair up with his suit. The baffled expression I got was priceless.

    • hahaha! Well I hear you girl! I love those expressions on men too… they would act like we suggested the most insane thing ever… :P

      Thanks so much for stopping by to comment :)

  2. #1 is so true and it applies to anyone I leave the house with ahaha! Also, I often take photos of random people who are in outfits that I like but the people I’m with get embarrassed :’) I find it difficult to suppress the #9 in me but I manage to around most people because I’m worried I’ll bore them aha! Such an entertaining post. Congrats on being selected for Links a la Mode.
    Sophie xoxo

  3. Hahaha! This is so true. Need to do this kinda post too, but from a male perspective instead. *you’ve just gave me idea!* :)

  4. Haha, oh Swati, some of these are so spot on, I actually started blushing. And can I say, you have such a fun and clever voice when you write in this style! :)

    P.S. I’m wearing my husband’s jeans as I write this.

  5. Giggled :D
    Agreed about some, but luckily my hubby doesn’t care what people on the street think about me and him ;D. Also, I appreciate a bar of chocolate or a bag or crisps when comes to gifts ;D

    But I do steal his clothes for sure :D !

  6. Amazing article Swati.. I loved it because its so true.

    I will add one more point to it.. (Hope you don’t mind) We love people watching because we respect each and everyone’s individual style.. We respect and compliments the girl/boy who dared to be different and don’t forget we are keen observers. :P :)

    Really proud of you.. :)

    Stay in Touch..!!

    • Of course I don’t mind :) The comment section is completely free ;) And agreed, we are all mostly keen observers… though some of us compliment easily and sadly some of us don’t ( I like the people on the first half better.. heehee)

      And thank you sooo much :)

  7. You really make things so easy , to know the problems is the foremost thing for having a solution , for you to go that extra mile to make it happen , for you to come up with an innovative way or to be creative enuf to find a way out…..:)
    once u know the problem area u can invest better, all of ur mind in finding a solution , ……isnt it !!


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