Look away | when faces aren’t necessary

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The artwork in your home reflects the person you are, and quietly gives away your deepest thoughts. I read this theory in a book or perhaps saw it in a movie, but my muddy memory fails me here. Nevertheless, it is a theory that I believe might indeed be true — if one curated the artwork on their own. To take it further, I got to thinking how the images we curate on pinterest can reflect our thoughts and subconscious patterns as well. Continue reading

Sudio Klang Earphones | Around Bangalore with Music

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“You know, one of the tragedies of real life is that there is no background music”

– Edna Annie Proulx

Proulx’s quote surely strikes a chord, but in my real life, I make up for the lack of background music with a really versatile playlist in my phone and a spectacular pair of earphones to go with it. Whether I travel to work or to a vacation, I stare at a majestic mountain or my laptop screen — I find the need for music everywhere. Even as I write this post, a Ghibli playlist is playing in my ears. Continue reading

On the Road | Rajasthan

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So, I had disappeared. Almost as if I had fallen off the face of the earth (oh yeah, earth is flat with endless roads you can fall off from, haven’t you heard?). Some of you even had to text me “alive?”. To answer it all, Yes I am and very much so. Just that in the past few months I have travelled on a road that I did not plan to tread upon. Much like when you innocently take a wrong turn but end up liking your destination. The only thing, the journey has been a haze and you don’t even know how you got there. Little turns can leave you miles away from your original intended destination, and you wouldn’t even realise until it has all materialised into reality. Continue reading