What is it about Ray-Ban anyway?


Photo via : KwPenny

It’s interesting to me when you wear a piece of history. In a way everything has a history of course – it came from somewhere and came for a purpose. But some things have a legacy which is more compelling and iconic than the others. Though I have to admit that in today’s world we don’t necessarily pause and think about these things. But I find pausing and thinking so rewarding – so here is my latest reflection.

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The J. Crew XXXS / 000 size debate



J. Crew’s 000 or XXXS sizing has met with a lot of criticism since it’s launch 2 weeks ago as it is the smallest size available till date. While it may seem ridiculous at first go, I can’t imagine why it has to be such a huge issue. While I have never tried on a J.Crew anything owing to its non-existent stores in India but from my experience with International brands like Zara, Mango etc. – sometimes even their XS does not fit too well. I am a petite pear with 26″ (natural) waist so I have no trouble finding my size in jeans but blouses are another story altogether. Continue reading

15 Creative Ways to use Clothes/Coat Hangers

Let's Hang Out

Guess what my latest obsession is when it comes to decor – cloth hangers ! Quite an unlikely choice you think? Well, can’t blame you – anyone will think so. But recently I had been coming across so many instances of pictures in which cloth hangers were used differently that I had to put together a list ! After all looking at ordinary objects in new light is quite interesting.  Continue reading

5 Finds of the Month – June ’14

I just want to get right to the list today!

1. Summer Cold Soup – Melon and Mint

I am a big fan of soups and salads. And I often keep trying new recipes for both. So, I actually discovered this recipe here. But I tweaked it a bit and I list it according to what worked for me. But before you try it, remember that the soup is going to be sweet and spicy so don’t go expecting a traditional “soupy” taste. Make this with an open mind!


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Men’s Fashion : Denim meets Denim

men's fashion india style tips  (2)

First things first, that’s my Brother Ashu in the pictures. And you can expect to see him quite a lot now because I will be posting Men’s Fashion as well on TCB. I have always been inclined towards well dressed men and have got a great response for my men’s fashion post earlier. Moreover there are not many Indian Men’s Style Blogs out there.. So yes, TCB is evolving… do you like it? Let me know for sure!  Continue reading

5 finds of the Month : May ’14


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that my May was dedicated to youtube and beauty products. There could be two reasons for that – June is the month when The Creative Bent’s youtube channel is getting launched and secondly my cousin just got married days ago and I had decided to do my own makeup instead of going to the salon. So check out my list for last  month!  Continue reading

Fashion for a Cause : Loom Mool


Loom Mool, a store in the lanes of Hauz Khas Village has a story worth sharing. The urban handloom garments have rural beginnings, the ethical products translate into a sustainable livelihood for weavers and artisans….but those are not just some fancy words woven into a sentence – the change is very real and hard hitting. This one deserves your time! Continue reading