The Siblings Pretty Up with Luxola + Mirenesse Giveaway

luxola in india the creative bent k palette super fine

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If you haven’t heard – has come to India! You’d ask – what’s so special?

If you covet cult International beauty brands like Mirenesse, Zoeva, Sleek Makeup, Hanz De Fuko etc. but couldn’t shop for them (except for on your globe-trotting trips) – then digital hi5 folks because now they are shipping to India courtesy Luxola! And if you have no idea what these brands are – Read on because you should know this (yes the men too!)

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5 Finds of The Month – October’14

assymetric bob

This month was all about discovering new exciting ideas – from start-ups to books.

Yep I know I missed a month. I just wasn’t sure if you all were enjoying this column anymore, and of course it makes no sense for me to create content that no one likes to read. But I was told by sooo many of you that you loved 5 Finds of the Month. So here it goes again :) Continue reading

The Joy of Raahgiri (Connaught Place, Delhi)

raahgiri day delhi connaught place street dance 2 logo

Raahgiri Day is a citizen initiative to reclaim the streets for the people, if only for a couple of hours every Sunday. It started in Gurgaon and has spread to other parts of India and has also earned International acclaim. The roads are closed for motor vehicles and the citizens are free to roam about, to sing, dance, run, cycle, skate or participate in sponsored activities like yoga etc. This post is about what I saw as I went to experience it for the first time in Connaught Place, Delhi.

Raahgir, from Urdu, can be roughly translated as one that belongs to the roads. And yesterday the people did not only belong to the road but also to each other and to their passions.

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Opposites attract? John Galliano joins Maison Martin Margiela

maison martin margiela vs john galliano

 Martin Margiela shies from a picture on the left just after his first show in 1989, right John Galliano dresses up to take a bow for his show

Picture Credits : Margiela , Galliano.

It’s a rare moment when I do not know whether to feel heart broken or to feel excited? John Galliano joins Maison Martin Margiela – marking the collision of two very opposite fashion legends. So what’s the future? The whole fashion world awaits. Continue reading

Travel Diaries : Udaipur and around

udaipur travel india ahar cenotaph

I have come to travel many times per year now, but this is only my second post cataloging a city I saw and experienced. I suppose I can attribute this discrepancy to one of my perpetual travel dilemmas – to experience or to capture? When you come across a picturesque setting – do you take a picture with your mind and imprint it in your memory (and sometimes on your soul) or do you take a picture with a camera and immortalize it on facebook or your blog? Is it possible to snap every second landscape for instagram and still experience it in its entirety? Is it possible to get the best of both worlds? Continue reading