13 Stylish Men from Wills India Fashion Week A/W14 + Fashion tips

Are Indian men really stylish and fashionable? Are they outgoing and having fun with their clothes and accessories? Well, majorly no. Most of them are still conservative when it comes to dressing and you would not need to be a rocket scientist to know that. But this set of men at Wills India Fashion Week A/W 14 can make you believe otherwise. At least, you will know that there are sartorial eye candies in this part of the world as well, just few and far between is all. 

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Featured on IFB’s Links à la Mode !

If you are blogging in fashion and haven’t visited Independent Fashion Bloggers‘ website, well you are definitely losing out on such an valuable resource. But why I mention them today? Because I have some news. I was featured in their weekly round-up Links à la Mode for the first time!

Below are the 20 posts featured, the crème de la crème this week. And I completely suggest taking some time out to read them! You wouldn’t regret it one bit. It’s on my weekly reading list as well (a busy week at that, Wills India Fashion Week is just round the corner folks) So until I put together my next post, here this goes! 

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10 Problems with dating a Fashion Blogger

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There are some obvious perks to dating a fashion blogger but what are the downsides you wonder? Some may even be skeptical of there being any at all. Not true. So well, apart from the ones I mentioned in my last post “Don’t date a girl who blogs” here is my semi- humorous list of problems that one can face dating a fashion blogger. Continue reading

Don’t date a girl who blogs


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Over the past month I have come across various versions of this – Don’t date a girl who travels, don’t date a girl who reads, don’t date a girl who teaches….. There were also counter articles written for the same, all over the cyberspace. Then I have come across Dating a designer : 10 things you need to know, 20 reasons why you should date a geek.. so on and so forth. But I haven’t really come across a lot related to blogging and especially fashion bloggers. So I thought to myself – let’s put it out there !  Continue reading

India Design ID 2014 : Designers and Brands to watch!

In their second edition, India Design ID brought together leading product designers and Interior brands and stores to Delhi. The exhibition got over on 16th February, but I brought back these plethora of pictures and inspiration. So, if you love anything click on the title to reach the said designer/brand directly!  So all that I loved is right here, starting with what I wished I could bring home the most! And Warning : Long picture heavy post ahead! 


The kind of statement that you can create in a Roksanda Ilincic garment is close to what having an Ajji product (especially the dot pictured here) could do to your home. Saying that it is a wall hung seating is under selling it. It will be the focus in a room, it will be like placing the sun on a wall, a visual dot so strong it could evoke thoughts and definitely start conversations. It is an art work in the sense of it feels like Kazimir Malevich’s black circle has become the red dot instead. I wish I could have it, like seriously !  

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Sweet Tooth: Candy Color Pastels – Home Inspiration

 From runways to homes, the mood is definitely sweet. An innocent mix of candy inspired pastel colors is sweeping me off my feet. But I have always been a black and white person even when it comes to interiors. Stark and minimal over feminine is more like my style. So, when I am tempted towards introducing some pastel accents in my home, I wonder if you would be too? Let me lure you!



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